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Moms and Dads

The Two Tuba Switch; 8-PACK Wholesale

Join Super Hero Mitch in his journey to overcome shyness

The Two Tuba Swicth
8 Games per Carton
    $ 100.0

Wizarday, Board Games and Card Games; 8-PACK Wholesale

Game1: Exciting race around the day
Game2: Fast-pace slapping of opinions
Game3: Card game to play anywhere

Wizarday Board Game
8 Games per Carton
    $ 120.0

The Two Tuba Switch recommended retails price - $29.95

Wizarday, Board & Card Games recommended retail price - $39.95

Exclusive for Specialty Retailers: Free Shipping Toys, Games and Books ($350+ Purchase)

Join our specialty retailer distribution today to start conquering childhood challenges. Our toys, board games, card games and books are light-hearted and fun. Kids will never know they‘re learning such important life lessons! Very few products address big-picture ‘‘life skills,‘‘ such as responsibility, time management, adapting to change, dealing with problems, talking with parents, building empathy, and even healthy eating.
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